Volunteers are needed in all aspects of the charity's mission, whether it be in the area of fundraising, clerical and administrative duties, or hands-on work with programs preventing child abuse, neglect and exploited and/or missing children.  Below is a list of volunteer positions:


County Project Director - Serves as primary contact person in a specific county for the coordination of child abuse prevention programs.  Person distributes literature, posters of missing children, supervises local volunteers and heads up local projects.


Guest Speaker - Serves as a member of the Speaker's Bureau who visits schools, civic events and public gatherings to speak on the subject of child abuse, neglect and exploited and/or missing children.


Hotline Intake Worker - Serves as an intake worker answering the charity's child abuse prevention Hotline.  Completes intake forms and makes necessary referrals.


Administrative Assistant - Serves as an office assistant performing various clerical and administrative duties.


House Parent - Serves as a live-in resident director in an emergency shelter for victims of abuse and domestic and/or family violence.


Case Manager - Serves to provide case management services for children in crisis.


Fund-Raisers - Serves as a member working on various fund raising events.


Grants Writer - Serves as a grants writer to obtain funding from various grant sources.


Prevention Instructor - Serves to present educational/awareness programs in schools and civic organizations.


Volunteer positions are also available in the areas of grounds keeping, maintenance, and general construction.


In order to be considered for a volunteer position, a volunteer application must be completed in detail and submitted along with a recent photograph.  A background check must be passed.  A felony conviction of any kind and/or any conviction of child abuse or domestic violence are grounds for denial of your application.  The charity endorses a drug-free environment and may ask its volunteer applicants to submit to a drug-screen test.  Do you agree to a background check and would you agree to a drug-screen test if requested?





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