Peter O. Samples, Founder and State Chairman

        Peter O. Samples holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elected Studies with minors in Education and Theology from Thomas More College, Crestview Hills, KY,  and two Master of Science Degrees in the Administration of Justice & Law and Public Administration respectively from the University of Louisville’s School of Justice & Law and School of Community Development.  He is a resident of Pendleton County, Kentucky, and a native of Corbin, Kentucky.  Mr. Samples founded the KY Multi-County Task Forces on Child Abuse & Exploitation Prevention, Inc., in January, 1985.  Literally working from the trunk of his car, Samples initially headed up a two-year, three-county pilot project to prevent child abuse, neglect and exploitation in Bracken, Pendleton and Grant counties.  He accomplished this upon the request of and with the assistance of then Kentucky Attorney General, David L. Armstrong.  Samples expanded the Task Forces in 1987 to a statewide effort including services to all 120 counties within the Commonwealth.  Since then, the Task Forces has taken a lead role in making available its prevention and referral services to an estimated two million Kentuckians each year. 

         Mr. Samples is a former federal law enforcement officer, Pendleton County Police Constable and Pendleton County Detective.  He is a graduate of the Federal Protective Service Police Academy and the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy.  As a federal agent, Samples served on special assignment with the U.S President’s Law Enforcement Reorganization Task Force Team and a criminal justice advisor to the Carter Administration.  While on special assignment, he also conducted various covert assignments busting federal and state corruption in cooperation with the U.S Department of Justice's Office of Criminal Justice Improvements, the Office of Juvenile Justice Prevention, the U. S. Senate's Judiciary Committee under the leadership of the late U. S. Senator, Ted Kennedy, and the University of Louisville's School of Justice & Law.

   Samples, in his capacity as a Pendleton County Police Constable, was honored as Kentucky’s TOP COP of 2000 by the National Association of Police Organizations and as a runner-up to the National TOP COP in ceremonies in Washington, D.C.   He was credited with saving the lives of a district judge, county prosecutor, court designed worker, and others by investigating, apprehending and arresting an individual who had constructed homemade steel pipe bombs containing black powder, fishhooks, lead sinkers, nails and razor blades, all with a four second detonator.  When apprehended and arrested the subject was preparing to blow up a county courtroom with some eighty people in attendance. The investigation also revealed that the male subject hoarded gallons of gasoline from which he made napalm.  He covered stray domestic animals, specifically dogs and cats, with the substance when these animals would stray onto his property,  He would then set them on fire to burn alive in the presence of his three young children.  The subject threatened to do the same to them if they told anyone. Samples was honored by then President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and United States Attorney General Janet Reno. 

  As founder and State Chairman of the KY Multi-County Task Forces on Child Abuse & Exploitation Prevention, Inc., Mr. Samples received an Outstanding Achievement Award from then Kentucky Attorney General David L. Armstrong.  He was named a Daily Point of Light through the Daily Point of Light Foundation, Washington D.C. for his efforts in preventing crimes against children.  He was presented the award by both Presidents Clinton and Bush.

        In addition to his service as State Chairman of the KY Multi-County Task Forces on Child Abuse & Exploitation Prevention, Inc., Mr. Samples, more recently, served the Commonwealth of Kentucky through its Justice & Public Safety Cabinet's Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).  Through the use of observation research under the auspices and direction of federal officials,  he evaluated the leadership within Kentucky's Juvenile Justice System by testing agency policy.  At the same time,  he assisted in providing treatment services to juvenile offenders who had been committed by the court to DJJ to give them an opportunity to become law abiding adults and productive and useful citizens. Based upon this research and others, Mr. Samples believes that most juvenile offenders, prior to commitment to their respective juvenile justice systems, whether in Kentucky or elsewhere, were themselves  victims of child abuse and/or neglect and/or exploitation.  He believes this factor, in whole or in part, led to their criminal activity and subsequent adjudication.

       Mr. Samples, in 2002, was credited with suggesting and writing the provision of the Aviation Security Act which authorizes appropriately trained local, state, and federal law enforcement officers to carry a firearm when flying and assist federal air marshals in their efforts to provide security on-board American aircraft.  Presently, Mr. Samples, who previously was published in the field of criminal justice through the U. S. Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia, continues his duties with the Task Forces while working on the writing and publication of another literary work, Unbridled Power. His previous publication, A Plan for Change, was used by the President's Law Enforcement Reorganization's Task Force, as a guideline for federal law enforcement  reorganization.    





        Born on September 24, 1929 in Chesterfield, England, Dr. Fullwood served as a young man in both the British Navy and the Rhodesian Army.  After coming to America, he graduated in 1967 from the Palmer Chiropractic College, Davenport, Iowa.  He resided and practiced as an independent chiropractor in Falmouth, KY from 1967 until his death, April 22, 2007.

         Dr. Fullwood was one of the initial incorporators, a charter officer and charter member of the KY Multi-County Task Forces on Child Abuse, Inc., since it was founded in January, 1985.  He served as its Executive Vice Chairman from 1985 until February 2005 at which time he was appointed State Chairman.  Dr. Fullwood also served as President of the Pendleton County Task Force on Child Abuse, a local affiliate of the statewide agency.  During his tenure with the Task Forces, Dr. Fullwood was instrumental in the development of the Children of Domestic Violence, Inc. and the Children’s Crisis Centers, Inc.  Both organizations provide emergency services to abused and neglected children.  In addition to his work in the area of child abuse, Dr. Fullwood was a former mayor of Falmouth, KY, former member of the Falmouth City Council, past president and member of the Pendleton County Mental Retardation Board, and President and member of the Falmouth Lions Club.


Peter O. Samples, Chairman

Kenneth L. Hale, Secretary/Treasurer

Robin D. Landrum, Executive Director


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